About Us

Boutique With Heart follows the ethical, eco-friendly, hand made and vintage path forged by Style With Heart, a guide to hundreds of ethical and eco-friendly fashions and accessory brands. Every piece of jewellery in this virtual boutique has been made by carefully selected craftspeople or made many years ago; each is special, often unique.

This commitment is combined with a passionate belief in the power of beautiful things to inspire and bring happiness.

William Morris and Charles Ashbee and their Arts and Crafts movement are the inspiration behind Boutique With Heart including the font and wallpaper design. Morris famously said, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

We at Boutique With Heart share that view, you’ll find nothing that isn’t beautiful here, but we also believe that Morris was right when he said, “…everything made by human hands has a form, which must be either beautiful or ugly; beautiful if it is in accord with Nature, and helps her; ugly if it is discordant with Nature, and thwarts her; it cannot be indifferent…”.

Boutique With Heart is a collection that has been put together with the ambition to make it possible for jewellery lovers to own “beauty that is in accord with nature” in the form of exquisite pieces made by special people.

In accordance with Boutique With Heart’s commitment to stylish, timeless pieces and conscious consumerism there will be no sales on this site, no cut-price offers, no two-for-one deals. Our product is fairly priced so that the maker, the boutique and the customer all get a fair return for their effort or investment. This commitment to fairness is at the heart of what we practice.